June 4, 2023

Hello, ProDrops community! We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Version 1.9.0, packed with exciting updates and improvements to make your ProDrops experience even better.

Let see what version 1.9.0 has in store for you guys

Weekly missions

Get ready for a thrilling challenge with the introduction of our much-anticipated feature: weekly missions! Every week, you will receive five random missions that offer a greater level of difficulty. But don't worry, we've extended the time to complete them. Now, you can toggle between the weekly and daily missions view, right where you access your regular missions. Remember, the reroll system remains the same, with separate reroll capacities for daily and weekly missions.

Visual upgrades

Prepare to be visually impressed as ProDrops undergoes some exciting enhancements throughout the app. Our goal is to make ProDrops more engaging and enjoyable for you to use. You'll notice an improved and captivating visual experience that enhances your overall satisfaction with the app.

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed an issue that for some users notifications would appear double in game
  2. Fixed an issue where for some users, after claiming rewards in the collectors pass, the image would not appear
  3. Fixed an issue that in some occasions it was possible to activate more than 3 missions at the same time
  4. Fixed an issue that sometimes missions that are scoped (match, round etc..) would stop tracking after the first time
  5. Fixed an issue that the ProDrops client would jump to the highest resolution on launch
  6. Fixed an issue that big number on the "Next Rewards" box would not be readable

We appreciate your patience and support in reporting these issues. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us create a seamless ProDrops experience for everyone.Stay tuned for more exciting updates, events, and improvements as we continue our journey to make ProDrops the ultimate platform for collecting and supporting your favourite influencers.We hope you enjoy the new version and have a blast completing the weekly missions!Thank you for being part of the ProDrops community.