February 7, 2023

Hello collectors! hope you are enjoying your games and that your collections are expanding.
We are coming in with the first big update after launch with an anticipated feature!

This update brings you the trading system!
Take your collection to the next level by trading cards with other players.
Trades will cost PDC depending on the amount of cards traded and their tiers.

Reroll Missions
Do you feel like you want more challenge and gain more XP?
Don't have time to complete a longer mission?
You can purchase rerolls using PDC!
You can now have more rerolls after you've reached your rerolls limit ( 3 for everyone, 10 for premium users)

DPI and sizes

We made the app to work better on different DPIs!
In addition you can now resize the app!
you can use the minimize and maximize button to do so, drag the app or use the options in the user's settings panel.
Please note that we do recommend to run the app on it's default size 1600X900 for the best experience.

You can use ctrl+f hotkey  to open or minimize to task bar the ProDrops' client while you are in game

Quality of life

  1. We have added more translations to our app, hang on with us as we complete translating the entire app.
  2. Big numbers will now display more compressed with an addition to meaningful letters at the end such as K for thousands, M for millions etc
  3. Notification center - now will show all unseen notification or notifications that were seen in the last 24H
  4. From now on when the app will be under maintenance there will be an indication on the main screen.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug where while observing a card inside an album it was impossible switching between tiers
  2. Fixed a bug where sometimes the app will take a wrong size depending on some windows DPI settings
  3. Booklet count will show the different types you have and not a sum of all the instances