why be a
prodrops partner?

>> Engage with your community
>> Exposure to a new audience
>> Commemorate special moments via
      Exclusive Collectibles
>> Create & design your own Cards
>> Passive Income


Level up your fan base and get discovered by a whole new crowd of viewers. When you team up with ProDrops, the possibilities are endless. Our Events will let you flex your achievements with real-time stats and leaderboards, putting you in the spotlight. Connect with fans, gain new followers, and let them ride shotgun on your epic journey. ProDrops is all about bringing your fans closer and making progress together.
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Get ready to commemorate those special moments like never before with ProDrops!
ProDrops opens up a world of possibilities for you to create your very own Exclusive Collectibles.
Imagine capturing the essence of your journey, milestones, and unforgettable experiences in unique, limited-edition items. These collectibles will become cherished mementos for your fans, showcasing your story in a meaningful way. With ProDrops, you have the opportunity to transform your moments into timeless treasures.
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As a valued partner, you'll be equipped with a powerful tool: your own referral code. With this code, you'll earn an impressive 20% commission on every purchase made by using it. It's a fantastic opportunity to monetize your influence and maximize your earnings.

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Support a Creator

ProDrops not only amplifies your fan interaction, but also rewards you for your talent and dedication. As our esteemed partner, you'll receive a share from every sale of your exclusive Cards in the thriving App's Marketplace.

It's time to turn your passion into profit and fuel your success like never before. Join us on this journey where your creativity is celebrated and your efforts are truly valued.

how does it work?


Unleash your creativity by designing your own unique Collectibles or utilizing our pre‑made templates. Create captivating Cards that reflect your style and submit them to us for a thrilling experience.


Watch as your Cards go live on ProDrops, ready to be Collected by your devoted fans. Through in-game missions on their favorite games, your fans can unlock your exclusive Cards, hyping up their gaming journey.


Take advantage of the ProDrops Revenue Share system as a ProDrops Partner. Earn passive income as a percentage of the sales from your Cards, allowing you to monetize your influence and passion.


Exciting news!
Applications to the ProDrops Partners Program are now open. While we carefully review your application, join our lively Discord community and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates and exclusive sneak peeks.
Get ready to level up your influence and forge your legacy with ProDrops!